Our Training Approach

Our Instructors are all industry professionals who utilize on a daily basis the applications on which they train. They take time off from their “day job” in order to train you, or will provide the training on weekends or evenings. They provide customized one-on-one or small group training to fit the unique needs of your organization. Prior to the training session you will consult directly with the instructor so that the training will be focused exactly on what you need to learn. Training brings immediate benefits, as your staff will be able to work more effectively, saving time and money.

Since we conduct all training at your office or home we can utilize your own equipment, files and projects, thus making the training extremely efficient. Many helpful hints and real-world techniques are described and practiced in order that you can become more productive.

The Cost and the Schedule

The per hour cost is for one or two persons from the same company, school or family enrolled in the same class at the same time.
If you have an appropriate facility for larger groups, we provide substantial discounts for additional students.

The cost for Specialized and Customized Classes varies, depending on which instructor teaches the class, and on the degree of customizing necessary. Call us for a specific quotation.

Our travel time to and from customer locations in the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area is at no charge. Our travel time to and from customer locations outside of the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area is billed at our normal rate.

Since our classes are taught on demand, your schedule is the only one that there is!