System Setup and Configuration

We will setup your new Macs, installing, upgrading and configuring the operating system software and all applications. We will provide help with converting/transferring files, setting up your internet connection, including email, web browser and plug-ins, and implementing your backup solutions. We will answer your questions and instruct you on basic usage.

In short, we will help you with hardware and software installations so you can enjoy your investment immediately.

Mac OS X Installation/Upgrade

Apple's new operating system is ready for you. Are you ready for it? With our help, you can quickly and confidently begin using Apple's advanced operating system, macOS High Sierra.

With the release of macOS High Sierra, the Macintosh computer has proven to be stable, fast and more reliable than ever.

Whether you have 2 or 20 Macs, our Mac OS X Installation and Upgrade Service helps ensure that your business will transition or upgrade smoothly.

Reasons to migrate to Macintosh systems are:

No more crashes that require restarting the computer!

Automatic memory allocation.

Confidently work with many programs at one time.

Absolutely bulletproof reliability.